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Foreign Students


Students coming from the European Union

Students from EU countries need to make an administrative procedure able to reside in Spain. On arrival must be registered in the Register of Foreigners (new procedure) and must apply for an NIE (Foreigner Identification Number) to carry out economic activities in Spain (opening a bank account, collect a scholarship, etc.)..

On arrival, to carry out these efforts the students should contact our International Mobility Office (IMO), which provides general information and specific host corresponding to the legalization of their academic stay. The IMO will advise on all matters concerning their status as students from EU countries.

Non European Union students

The visa:

Foreign students from non European Union countries and where the authorities have established the necessity of visa to enter in Spain, they must apply for a study visa type D (also their families) in consulate offices / embassy in Spain.

Is NOT necessary to enter in Spain with a tourist visa although the paperwork delay, this delay will be in the case of the courses also, because here it is impossible to change the visa type, the students will be forced to return to their home countries at the end the period as a tourist (which is usually at most three months) and then to get the correct visa.

Extension of visa for studies:

Upon arrival, non-EU foreign students with visas for studies, must apply for student residence card and NIE (foreign identification number).
To process initial application of all these documents our International Mobility Office (IMO) will provide general information and specific host corresponding to the legalization of their academic stay. Also will inform them about the necessary documents (form, certificate of registration, photographs, etc.). What will they needed and indications about where to go.

The student residence card must be requested within one month from the entry time in Spain, skipping the visa it is possible only for three months, so it is important to prove the date of entry to the border.
In this way the authorities usually put the date on the visa. If for any reason, students do not have that date on the passport since they entered in Spain, there is a period of 72 hours to go and ask any Commissioner for arrival certification date and for this can be asked the transport ticket .

The permit card emitted by the Government Sub-Delegation for these students, usually have a duration of one year, if the studies are longer than this period, its renewal must be requested through the IMO. 

It is extremely important to apply for renewal before it does expire in order to avoid losing the legality of their stay in Spain.

Travels for non-EU students to another country:

The permit stay in Spain does not authorize automatic to travel freely in the European Union. International students from non-EU countries cannot travel, move and work in Europe without specific permission.

If a non EU student has to travel to any other country in the European Union because of his studies, he must obtain the appropriate visa for studies in this country. If this travel for tourism or leisure activities, should consult the consulate of the destination country, ask the necessary corresponding tourist visa to return to Spain with no difficulties.

The non-EU students cannot travel to another country (go on vacation, return to their country of origin, study, etc.) while their residence permit is being processed or while awaiting renewal of its expiry date. They must request, before a return authorization to Spain and have to anticipate that at certain times (Christmas, etc.). it does produces an accumulation of requests and delays in granting approvals.

For further questions is important to contact the IMO, and the country embassy / consulate