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General information

Double Degree between
Master in Management Engineering at the UPC and
Master of Science: Engineering and Managements at the Politecnico di Torino


Academic Questions:

Vicenc Fernandez ( - Coordinator of the Master

Administrative Questions:

SIAE eMail: - Phone: +34 93 7398118

Objectives of the Masters

The Master’s Degree in management Engineering at the UPC provides training in the application of science and technology to the design and management of organisations. Its focus is on the planning, organisation, assignment, management and control of activities and resources applicable to people and organisations that have a technological and strategic component. The master’s degree tackles effective decision making in organisations in uncertain environments. Students build on the scientific and technological knowledge they have gained at the undergraduate level and acquire skills related to the design and management of complex organisations, including people management, finance, production, project management and resource allocation for management problem solving, as well as analytical tools for effective decision making.

The MSc-level program in Engineering and Management at the Politecnico di Torino trains an engineer sensitive to systemic problems characterizing the life of businesses. The objective of the course is to train graduates who are competent in the technological and economic-managerial fields. This professional figure is able to intervene actively in the strategic and technical-operational decisions (design and management of business models, organizational structures, development projects of new products/services, financial choices, etc.) influencing the competitiveness of enterprises and organizations operating in environments characterized by high innovation and strong market and technological complexity.


The require background for the applicants is a completed Bachelor degree in engineering or science or equivalent to at least 180 ECTS credits, at least 60 ECTS in engineering subjects. To obtain both degrees, student must hold an official English knowledge certificate of a level equal to or higher than IELTS 5, or equivalent.

Procedure to register for the dual degree

Students who wish register at the dual degree must register for the degree Master in Management Engineering (Teaching in English), and report their intention to do the double degree during the courses enrollment process (once student has already been accepted into the program).


Four days a week in afternoon-evening sessions.