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General academic information

The organizational engineering is a branch of engineering which apply the science and technology in design and organizations management. It refers to the scheduling organization, assignment, direction and activities control, resources applicable to individuals and organization with a strategic and technological component.
Master Objectives
The master is focused on effective decision within uncertainties environment organizations.
Contributing to the basis of scientific and technical knowledge that the student has acquired in the engineering degree (technical or superior), the abilities related to designing and organizations management, including the leadership, financial aspects, production and project management, resources distribution for solving problems and executive management.
All these abilities are given together with the analytical methods necessary to make the decisions more efficiently. For this reason we designed a study program in order to develop four sets of competences:

• Cross-disciplinary and generic competences.
• Specific competences related to technical and engineering models for analysis and decision.
• Specific competences related to knowledge and equipment for the practical field.
• Specific competences related to the company management and organization.
Reasons to to perform the Master


According to the American Society for Engineering Management, approximately two thirds of all engineers allocate a substantial proportion of their time to management tasks and organization.
The IEEE Engineering Management Society claims that the engineering organizational has grown into a professional discipline that makes a distinction in between their engineers and the others because they have the ability to apply engineering principles and also required abilities for leadership and project management
A mention should be made that the professionals with administration and management abilities who have also a technical qualification are different from those professionals who have only one training in business administration. Therefore, this master is different that a master's degrees in management and business administration. The master proposal also responds to the Llibre Blanc which includes degree in the field of industrial engineering, edited by ANECA. In this white paper title, is mentioned that the studies of industrial organization and have a social range big enough to be included as postgraduate qualifications. The study program and the master competencies have been prepared in accordance with the academic associations guidelines in the engineering organization, which maintain an ongoing dialogue with the business and professional world. Also, many alumni of the course work as engineers in companies in a relation with the school, adding their vision in order to develop the programme of study.

National and international associations that support this master programs:
• ADINGOR (Association for the Development of Engineering Organization)
• American Society for Engineering Management
• IEEE Engineering Management Society
• ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology)

To who is addressed?

The master provides an academic and professional training in organizational engineering, with a preference for students who have completed a technical degree. Students who wish to improve and expand their knowledge and leadership and teams work abilities, projects or any functional area in the company. This need is reflected to the current requirements for engineers to promote their organizations. On the other hand and according to Royal Decree 99/2011, which regulates the doctoral studies, the training achievement of the thesis will be produced by previous master’s activity. In this sense, the Master of Engineering Organization is the ideal way to achieve the competencies to carry out a doctoral program in Administration and Management. The programme is planning the introduction of a compulsory subject for research, and offer optional subjects in research on engineering organization.
General information about the studies

Academic Coordinator: Vicente Fernandez Alarcon - Deputy Director of Academic Innovation and Quality
Type of degree: Master Admission requirements:
In accordance with Article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/2007 of 29 October which establish the organization of university officials, amended by Royal Decree 861/2010, can access to these official master the students who fulfil the legal requirements to access into the college and fulfil the current regulations and their admission to these courses in accordance with Article 17 of Decree mentioned above.

The recommended admission profile (with additional training according to profile):
• Graduates with a degree in industrial technology engineering
• Graduates with a degree in engineering in the industrial sector
• Graduates with a degree in engineering in other areas
• Graduates of Industrial Engineering
• Graduates of the technical industrial engineering
• Engineering graduates in other fields * 

Duration and workload: 2 years, 120 ECTS credits (60 ECTS credits per academic year)

Timetable: Three days for week.

Price: Visit the following link.
Career opportunities


The main professional opportunities of the master students are in the area of team management and projects in the field of production organization industrial and services operation. Moreover, the Master Training also provide the technical abilities necessary to work in commercial areas, employees organization, financial and general management